Wide Sealife variety and terrific shark diving

I visited the Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World (former Siamo Ocean World) three times, and love it. It’s always a beautiful stop into the blue, when I visit Bangkok.
As a passionate diver, during my last visit I could not help but jumping into the pool and join the “dive with the sharks” experience. It was my first time to dive in an aquarium, and surely it cannot be compared to diving into the blue. However, you’ll hardly meet so many sharks up close in one same dive! From leopard to nurse, white tips, guitar to tiger sharks, up up close in their entire charm. And that is not all of course… wonderful white spotted eagle rays, huge marble sting ray, a wonderful leopard whipray, hump head Maori wrasse…to mention a few….but also you can enjoy so many more wonderful creatures at Sea Life. The “Dive with the Sharks” guide is called Popeye and is a knowledgeable, passionate diving instructor and owner of a dive shop in Bangkok. He has a great job, loves it and is able to pass this beautiful energy. Very good and friendly dive guide in the aquarium.
In the back side of the pool, I could also observe small tanks where corals are kept in observation, or also heavily pregnant seahorses and new baby born ones. This was a beautiful behind the scene, of a great rich Sea Life centre, which takes you through from tropical sea life to penguins and reptiles. Very very, very well built and love shop with adorable sea life pelouches. The 3-D cinema was closed for renovation this time. Otherwise, great stop over in my short stay in Bangkok!
Samazing, Rome, Italy
25 Nov 18

Aquarium Shark Dive

Well organised, professional and personal. New and well maintained equipment. A great experience, even for a qualified diver. Thoroughly enjoyed being in the Aquarium with the Sand Tigers and an assortment of other sea creatures. Everything provided, even towel, trunks (for under wetsuit) and drinking water. Also included Aquarium entry from the tourist side of the glass. In good hands with Popeye (Paul Durrel)
Brian G, United Kingdom
6 Nov 18

Diving with sharks

Wonderful experience ! I would highly recommend. My instructor Popeye was a very experience instructor. He taught me how to use all those equipment. Making lots of jokes and made my diving experience full of joyful moment .

This is my first time diving . I have no experience of scuba diving. And I am not a good swimmer . But diving with Popeye , I feel very safe .He hold my hand and when I loss my balance . He could assist me all the times . He was able to use his instructor ‘s skill to help me release my fear . And taught me what to do to prevent sharks swimming away and make more beautiful diving pictures.

The aquarium staff, the lady who took picture for me was very nice too . He help me to took lots of picture and even some video .

It was a very wonderful experience !
Those sharks and stingray were stay very close and they were just next to me.
Law P
17 Oct 18

Dive with the Sharks

Thank you again Popeye for everything!!! I Really enjoyed the Diving with the Sharks adventure and it was a great pleasure diving with you and the sharks were awesome to be around. I’ll be back next time in Bangkok!!!
Jenny Lau, Hong Kong
12 Sept 17

So, shark diving has been one of the “To Do” things on my bucket list. Hence, I booked a “Dive with the Sharks” with Planet Scuba Bangkok and Sealife Bangkok Ocean World on both of the websites at Siam Paragon Mall attempting to do it.

I was done registering and to kill time until my dive, I took a walk around the aquarium with a lot of glass and I saw various fishes and sea creatures. Also, a lot of penguins that got me way excited. The collection of water creatures was huge and very impressive. The dive staff are very friendly and helpful. Finally, it was was time for the dive and I was assisted by Mr. Popeye (my dive instructor) he helped trained me to dive and explained everything with attention and detail.

We entered the tank together, although the water felt cold in the beginning but, slowly became OK. I was in the tank with a various fish and sharks. It was indeed an amazing experience and I finally have done it. The sharks were swimming near me, above me, bedside me .. although it did freak me out and I was a little scared but, thanks to Mr. Popeye’s instructions, I was not really too afraid, I completely followed his do’s and dont’s. The tank was clean and clear, water was very salty .. I am glad that I was part of this experience.

Thank you again Mr. Popeye …

tripadvisor-logoNkwswa, Jakarta, Indonesia
11 Sep 2017

Sharks are friends, not food!

9 years ago, during my visit in BKK, knew there’s an aquarium at Siam Paragon that people can dive with sharks. Yet couldn’t make it as the schedule was so packed that time. Finally I did it and it was such a wonderful dive with Sand Tiger Sharks, a vicious looked but docile creature. Started the dive with a little bit nervous when I saw layers of sharp teeth and they swam so close to me, but very soon I felt relaxed staying in the tank. Tks Popeye!
Georgina Wong, Hong Kong
26 Aug 17

Hey Popeye, I’m back in Hong Kong – just want to say thank you for the Shark Dive experience.
I had such a great time with you and the sharks and those photos are stunningly wonderful!
Thanks for the shark teeth too! It’s such an amazing souvenir!
Can’t wait to dive with you again soon! 🙂
Paul Chin, from Hong Kong
17 JUNE 2017

Diving with Sharks

My teenage girls and I did a very impressive dive with a lot of sharks today. Popeye the dive instructor did a very good job .. thanks a lot!Bueschi
11 May 2017

Do the Dive or Take the Kids …

The reason we went to Sealife Bangkok Ocean World was to Dive with the Sharks. I had seen this elsewhere but unable to go. Booking online was easy with Planet Scuba Bangkok and I did it the night before. I don’t think they were super busy in that Popeye the dive instructor, does about n600 dives a year with 3 slots a day, each and every day.

The dive itself is about 30 min, but with briefing, getting changed and chatting, etc. expect to need about 90 min for the whole thing. It’s a great experience and well worth it. Even though those Sandtigers are docile and pretty harmless, they look really fierce!

Plan B is to take kids and there’s heaps of entertainment for them. It certainly looks like fun for them.

tripadvisor-logoMasaccio, United Kingdom
07 APR 2017

Sealife Bangkok Ocean World is an Awesome place for scuba diving with 20 sharks in the main tank. The staff are very professional and alot of fun to dive with for 30 min.

Popeye the Dive Instructor was very knowledgeable and friendly. I would highly recommend going and doing it~!

29 MAR 2017

We had a very unforgettable experience in your diving aquarium, you are really good instructor!!! We were having alot of fun.Thank you again for a great time and great aquarium.

Thank you for today and hope to dive with you again very soon.

06 DEC 2016

Dive with sharks experience

Did the scuba dive experience to go in the main aquarium with the sharks, turtles, ray’s and all the other marine life. My guide was Popeye who was a great guy, it was an awesome experience with the sharks swimming close to you. I paid extra also for them to take pictures as you go around the tank and that was worth the money as you get still pictures and video footage as well all on a disc. Overall a very good experience well worth doing.
01 Oct 2016

What a thrill Diving with the Sharks

This is a great attraction located in Siam Paragon. I did Dive with the Sharks with Popeye my instructor and if your game do it. It’s an amasing feeling being up so close and personal with these predators of the deep. They do a video and take photos while your in the aquarium. Well worth the admission price. Plus the kids will love the penguin show.
17 Sep 2016

Awesome Experience

We went there because our daughter wanted to Dive with the Sharks. Just Awesome. Great introduction from Popeye the dive instructor, we went backstage as well. 30 minutes dive between 8 bull sharks and lots of stingrays.
The aquarium is great too, lots of big tanks, great tunnel and perfectly decorated. Also extreme fun for young children, lost of games and things to do. All tanks can be seen from junior heights. Perfect, 990 baht very well spent, the dive was a bit more, but worth triple the amount they asked.

18 Aug 2016

Aqua Delight

The Sea Life aquarium in Siam Paragon Mall in Bangkok is a must visit for a tourist. It has an amazing collection of fishes and other aquatic life.The aquarium is hhhuuugggeee and also very well kept and managed. They have scuba diving courses there and also a “Dive with the Sharks “adventure dive.

My son did the shark dive and he was elated. Being in the tank with the feared and dreaded huge sharks and other awesome fishes, this was one experience he isnt going to forget.
The staff is very polite and courteous especially the dive instructor Popeye.

We would for sure recommend the Sea Life to any visitor and would love to come back for a visit again. This is what makes a holiday memorable experience Sealife, Bangkok is awesome.

22 Jun 2016

Meet Popeye and dive with the sharks!

Easy to find aquarium, in the base of the Siam Paragon mall in the centre of Bangkok.
Superb displays of all types of fish life from all around the world. But the shark tank has the biggest draw, especially from the kids.

Making a scuba dive in the tank with all the sharks, is a real experience. Popeye is the resident diving instructor and his kit & dive briefing makes you really relax. I did the dive a few years back, now it was the turn for my newly qualified girlfriend…. Next time in Bangkok, we are both going in….

20 March 2016

Scuba dive with Sharks and Popeye for an unbelievable experience

Although we have not tried scuba diving prior to this, we both loved the experience of diving in the tank with many different kinds of large fish – including sharks and rays! It was a unique and exciting experience – and Popeye (the dive instructor) was reassuring and expertly guided us near the fish throughout the dive. Definitely have the staff take pictures and videos of your dive for you – well worth it!

17 March 2016

Shark diving

What an amazing experience, I’ve many hours in the sea but never seen any sharks. My first encounter was mind blowing, very relaxed in every way, up close and personal and we’ll worth the money. To know they are being looked after properly.
Staff at sealife very friendly.
Thanks popeye

29 January 2016

Fun Aquarium, Swim with Sharks

My husband loves scuba diving and we read you can scuba dive in the shark tank here! So he signed up! Popeye the master diver was incredibly informative and friendly when we arrived. Helping my husband get into his gear and explain the entire process, and also walking me out showing me where I can take photos inside the aquarium.
The dive was amazing as my husband swam near giant sharks. It was the experience of a lifetime. We stayed and visited the aquarium afterwards and they have many beautiful displays. Fun for the whole family! Would recommend.

8 November 2016